Tangerine Maze

Tangerine spiders
trapped in amber
walls of the maze,
passages slide
slick under
my fingers.
I tread barefoot
on soft anthracite
wending my way
stepping out
a mother’s prayers
to the heart
where a waterfall
tinkles with
the dreams
of  a young bride
seeking a true love
in her groom
that remains
long after the last
rose petal falls;
that reveres
fecund hips
with ripening seeds
and sees beauty
in  bare branches
and thorns.


Almost Midnight

Candle flickers
against the creeping night,
soft snores, only me awake.

A blessed peace enfolds me,
my thoughts roam
forests of possibilities
and forking paths,
moonbeams guide
my steps through
chance and necessity
to the cave where
I await midnight peels
of the church bell.

A blue cat appears,
taps my nose
with a velvet pad,
looks deep into my eyes
and smiles.

We watch the clouds
cross the face of the moon

The bell rings
twelve times.

From a Martian Naturalist’s Notebook

This is for Meeting The Bar: A Martian sharpens his knife over at dVerse. Thank you to Samuel Peralta for bringing us today’s Meeting the Bar article.. there are some excellent poems here

I have used a blank verse of couplets for my take on estrangement.

Green supple silicon pricks my soles,
it spreads without a centre.

A bullet with six segmented sticks
flies with veined cellophane wings.

Grey brown particles, carbon, minerals
have the scent of dead blood and bone.

Organic structures reaching for the sun
mirrored reaching for the magma core below.

Spectrums broken into different waveforms
a compass for  the lifeforms.

Sticky powder sits in baskets
attracting creatures swimming in air.

Pliable pipe creature with a circle mouth
spits droplets, mix of oxygen and hydrogen.

Found Object

I walk on footpaths
with the dog,
marvellous reason
to stop, peer into homes
pondering what makes a home,
how many of these houses are homes,
easy to spot the rentals,
the gardens say it all,
some clipped, contained in lines,
others rambling, dripping wisterias,
ivy, and the dreams of parks,
oaks, hostas nestling in the shade,
a burst of opportunistic orchids,
red and tangerine,
happy grass, gratitude to La Nina,
life and sap flowing in empty streets;
hard rubbish on naturestrips
we spot a swivel chair,
no rips or stains, hydraulic works;
we make haste back home,
stop at the greengrocer
for the doggie’s daily carrot and a pat,
we  jump in the car
claim the thrown out chair.

A Lovely Award

I have been honoured and delighted to receive  the Liebster Blog award from  from Julie @ http://juliecatherinevigna.wordpress.com/ . Thank you so much for this Julie. I am so delighted to be appreciated amongst so many excellent blogs that are out there.





The Liebster Blog Award originated in Germany (Liebster means “favourite” or “dearest” in German) In accepting this award, the recipient agrees to:

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3. Post the award on your blog. (done)
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people in the Blogshere.
5. And, lastly – have fun and spread the karma!

OK so here goes for my five picks in no particular order:

Gennepher http://gennepher.blogspot.com.au/

Jackie Dicks http://1emeraldcity.wordpress.com/

John Anstee http://poetjanstie.wordpress.com/

Edjo Frank http://edjofrank.wordpress.com/

Chris Galvin http://chrisgalvinwriter.wordpress.com/

There are so many more people I would love to give this award to including all the poets at dVerse and Gooseberry Patch but I only had five to give 🙂 I would like to use this opportunity to thank all my visitors  because you are the reason I write 🙂