Almost Midnight

Candle flickers
against the creeping night,
soft snores, only me awake.

A blessed peace enfolds me,
my thoughts roam
forests of possibilities
and forking paths,
moonbeams guide
my steps through
chance and necessity
to the cave where
I await midnight peels
of the church bell.

A blue cat appears,
taps my nose
with a velvet pad,
looks deep into my eyes
and smiles.

We watch the clouds
cross the face of the moon

The bell rings
twelve times.


7 thoughts on “Almost Midnight

  1. Marousia, this is an elegant, gentle write that brought such a feeling of peace to me. Thank you so much for this lovely interlude. ~ Julie 🙂

  2. Wandering in your poem felt like being in a hypnogogic state ~ somewhere special between wakefulness & dream. And then … ‘The bell rings twelve times’ … a temporal marker beyond which the words have not yet formed. Wonderful ‘ending’; beautiful poem 🙂

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