Ghost Signs


Walking – graffiti clamours – bang bang bang,
hydraulic hammers drive foundations in,
bolded hoardings cover yawning gaps within.

I search the patchwork sky – escape the clang…
someone’s cell phone delivers a harangue…

Nostalgia Lane, bluestone bricks beneath a bin
flowing butts and wrappers – its urban skin
a palimpsest of sturm und drang;

there, decaying ghostly recollections,
once steady hand and eye, careful balance
etched in time on painted bricks and concrete;

heritage vernacular inflections,
although faded add a playful ambience,
our ghost signs still speak graciously in streets.

Sam issued a challenge to write a Miltonian Sonnet. This is my attempt – there are more over at dVerse. Do visit because there are some fabulous examples.

Form for All: The Librarian, the Poet, and the Snowblower


Pheasant Dreams (Ekphrasis)

Coming in to Land by Peter Wilkin

Coming in to Land by Peter Wilkin

Inconvenient snow
dresses the earth
promising stairways to the moon’s
fair round face tonight …

With little thought
of moon splendour,
a pheasant
is coming in to land,
a brief, impossible flight…

kawk, kawk –  a  dream slides
on the wind … a thin scent of spring
still lingers awakening memories:

avoid earsplitting pops,
flying lumpen lead seeds;
below –  iron sticks held by
two legged creatures sans wings,

picture  –
rustling hedges filled with
hawthorne berries,  hazelnut blooms
dangling like an old man’s beard
promising fat nuts …

red reynard hunts …

But today the hen yard entices
with pellets – the non leaden kind –
kawk, kawk – landing gear down

with a thump.

Open Link Night ~ Week 89

Cento Moments

These lines are taken from Edgar Allan Poe’s and  William Wordsworth’s wonderful poetry.

Solitary, clear, profound
Grains of the golden sand
Between the water and a winding slope
Were dancing to the minstrelsy.

A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling
A Whirl-Blast from behind the hill
Answering to the shouting Cuckoo
“Always write first things uppermost in the heart.”

And the silken sad uncertain
Rustling of each purple curtain
With altars undisturbed of mossy stone
Slowly settle into peaceful calm
Out of SPACE- out of TIME,
The harvest of a quiet eye.

Feather Squeak

an unthought hand
waves a stray feather –
it caresses
of the wind
like a cat’s tail
in the wind
the vibrations
become electric
caught on a nerve
to squeak

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Another poem using Jackie’s prompt words:

apple, statue, romancing, jumping, eating, moonstruck, rough, handsome, institutionalize, encyclopedia

The faceless clamour,
“We should institutionalize
all those who are found
romancing statues moonstruck,
those who were once handsome
jumping through hoops, now
sleeping rough, those who converse
with the stars sitting in groves
eating green apples and all
who dispute that which is written
in the official encyclopedia … “

Two Interlinked

This is my Interaction poem for the dverse prompt

Poetics: InterActions

.Diana Lee @Diana605 was the first to repsond to my call for 2 nouns, 3 verbs, 3 adjectives and 2 random words.

Here are Diana’s words:
periphery, wetlands/wept,drop,vanished/deafening,abundant,tender/river, rose

and these from Stefan Schutt

leaf, wall/ride, eat, reflect/brown, full, moving/life, artefact

so here goes ~

Two Interlinked

The wetlands gleam,
a tender rose leaf
floats languidly upon river,
a woman cloaked in ochre
is softly moving,
searching for an artefact,
now vanished

beyond the periphery

in the steppes now brown
where once a camel wept,
children ride their horses
searching for a place to shelter.

Along the east horizon,
abundant lightning prances,
as the thunder bristles to reflect;
a prelude to the first full drop
of deafening monsoon percussion …

The clouds spring to life,
the children take cover
in a tent, content to sit and eat,
listening to an orchestra
of rain …

The woman finds her talisman
shining in the river mud …