Perhaps Frogs Sing

Sparks zip
synchronous bodies
in harmony
porous words
flutter between oxygen
touching the sky
silver trails
feathering slowly along
the curve of your spine
gutters flow
into a moon pond
perhaps frogs sing…


Water sketch of a photograph

From across the hemispheres
a photo of a well tended garden,
landed in my stream.

A clematis, glorious mauve,
variegated hues
evoking visions
of quinacridone magenta, violet,
mixed with fuchsia, imperial purple
and lapis lazuli
swirling waterborne
edged with graphite
a heart of lemon yellow
with gold lights.

Jingle Poetry Potluck: Sketches, Images and Impressions

Five Lines May 21 – Saturday afternoon

floating leaves
in dappled light
inside stillness
dogs bark
eager for adventure

wet paper stretching
gummed down
dreams of cauliflowers
and kings and
flamingo skies

In a pool of sunlight
whiskers twitching
cat sits on words
playing mouse
with a paintbrush

nose to tail
snoozing in the dapples
she anticipates
the smell of wet pigments
borne on squirrel hair

Synthetic hairs
bound with string
glued to wood and metal
ticked like sable
ready to speak

Friday Morning

Snooze, sudoki and soft chatter,
Friday morning calm invisible
drapes in between wheels’ clatter;
the pauses seem quite divisible,
as space between eyebrows expands,
painted eyes lashes butterfly
through windows smeared with dirty hands
steel and leaf in a leaden sky…
soar up to the clouds etched in gold;
turn inside a crowded carriage,
rattling now, faces looking cold
caught in thoughts of pressing bondage,
seeking gaps in the air between
and come to rest in fields of green.

Tiger Lily

Bold sparks of inspiration fly,
Your buds reveal an orange heart,
Tendril stamens caressing the sky,
Bold sparks of inspiration fly,
Not for you a gentle lovelorn sigh,
Rather your love shall be a work of art,
Bold sparks of inspiration fly,
Your buds reveal an orange heart.