Catness X 3

stillness sighs
why why why
leaves start to gossip


water drips
from the inky sky
street lights leak onto the road
her tail a question
she meows at the door


a bell jingles
behind the curtains
I stare intently
into a cup of tea



Tainted Garden

With his words
he taints a spring day …

Leaf tips brown
on a plant half planted
slap dash.
His beloved ivy is killing the fig
and the cypress.

“Foul play” he declares
“Fred Flintstone,
the neighbour
is at it again!”

His eyes reptilian
snake into his wife’s …
her insides shake
while he rants …

“Just look,
you, you notice nothing!”
An intake of breath,
He’s coming over and poisoning
my garden”another intake of air,
“I’ll catch him one day
and then everyone will believe me,”
and the ivy continues to creep,
strangling all in its wake.

Riffin’ on a thick description

Laptop open
he taps his phone
screen saver blinks
he strokes
a hollow surface

a slight
eye contraction
a twitch
or a wink

plump words link
piling together
a thick wink’s

he rubs
a fingertip
over the corner
of his eye

the person beside you
has no idea the words
on the screen
are from you

Riffin’ on a thick description is a homage to Clifford Geertz, an anthropologist who took the art and craft of writing observations very seriously.