Ghost Signs


Walking – graffiti clamours – bang bang bang,
hydraulic hammers drive foundations in,
bolded hoardings cover yawning gaps within.

I search the patchwork sky – escape the clang…
someone’s cell phone delivers a harangue…

Nostalgia Lane, bluestone bricks beneath a bin
flowing butts and wrappers – its urban skin
a palimpsest of sturm und drang;

there, decaying ghostly recollections,
once steady hand and eye, careful balance
etched in time on painted bricks and concrete;

heritage vernacular inflections,
although faded add a playful ambience,
our ghost signs still speak graciously in streets.

Sam issued a challenge to write a Miltonian Sonnet. This is my attempt – there are more over at dVerse. Do visit because there are some fabulous examples.

Form for All: The Librarian, the Poet, and the Snowblower


Shadow Play

Can a shadow offend,
perhaps a shade
when mottled streams and
shady glades you wade,
or drive along
a windy road strobing
through an old growth
forest greenly glowing?

Cameras struggle with
the dark and light,
exposure levels
seek to overwrite;
lo, the quest beckons
for the hallowed grail –
perfect white balance,
visual delight.

And yet these shadows
that may offend some
mean no harm to
precious dispositions
with their dolly carts
and tripods,
and phallic lens
for definition.

I say, they are nought
but motes and dapples;
celebrate instead,
the artful play of shadows.


The Poetics of Groundhog Day – Bright Shadow


Fire fox merrily skips beneath the night
seeking emeralds in a pool of blue,
bowing deeply to streaming water sprites,
paying gods the reverence they are due.

Green water dragons dance with river prawns
flickering neon in magnetic seams,
Northern lights inspire blushing Southern dawns,
polar nets fishing in the solar streams.

From the heart of sun plasma rises, stares
into the emptiness, electrons dance
with protons, swirling wantonly on flares,
humans watch on, in a mystical trance.

Glowing cosmic beads slip along a string,
magnetic leelines, mythic angel wings.

Peeping Through

Blushing buds peep through the luscious grass,
Her footprints lightly touch the warming earth,
In her hands, an enamelled looking glass;
She touches clouds, skipping in her mirth;
Sunlight dances soft in fine water sprays
Making rainbow magic,  hastening spring,
Pink camellias, floral cabarets
Abundant treasures longer days shall bring,
Flood her mind as her thoughts fly swiftly north
To visions of rain forests meeting seas,
Bold sea eagles hovering back and forth
Above a sacred canopy of trees.
Beneath her feet peep wee pink flowers
Absorb each second of the sun’s short hours.



Gloaming – Petrachian Sonnet

Wandering in the gloaming, you and I,
clasping hands, together we are steady
as we jump across a pooling eddy
sea gulls wheel above with their mournful cry.
Violet clouds gleam in the mustard sky
to catch a fly lizard freezes ready,
tongue unfurls, the fly flees in a frenzy,
landing in a craggy tea tree bonsai.
A thin ray of light caught your titian hair,
dark burnished russet flooded through my veins,
your eyes were following the flying gull;
the sun lets out a dying golden flare,
its rosy bloom leaving exquisite stains,
we embrace nostalgia in our silk lull.

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Friday Morning

Snooze, sudoki and soft chatter,
Friday morning calm invisible
drapes in between wheels’ clatter;
the pauses seem quite divisible,
as space between eyebrows expands,
painted eyes lashes butterfly
through windows smeared with dirty hands
steel and leaf in a leaden sky…
soar up to the clouds etched in gold;
turn inside a crowded carriage,
rattling now, faces looking cold
caught in thoughts of pressing bondage,
seeking gaps in the air between
and come to rest in fields of green.


Beneath the ground, your scented rhizome
Prized throughout the human centuries,
Sweet dreams of rainbows and vaulted domes
Awakening old violet memories.

Your ancestors were carved into beads
Used by cloistered folk to count prayers
To absolve a prince’s crass misdeeds
Engaged in important state affairs.

Yet, once of Isis you reminded us,
A Goddess of the lunar seasons;
Of abundance we were desirous,
We’d pray to you for selfish reasons.

Your roots are still prized for rare perfumes;
Many are transfixed by your soft blooms.

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