My new anthology, Spinning, is now available through Aquillrelle. Please click on the book illustration to purchase your print copy.

It is also available as an ebook here.

“Finally, a collection of exquisite poetry to live by…inspirational, magical, original…Kick off your shoes, rest your head on your favorite cushion, sip a glass of wine, and open to that first page of Marsha Berry’s words …touching your soul, spurring you to action, creeping into your dreams, imagination. On a scale from one to ten, Ms. Berry gets my eleven.”

– Jacqueline Dick aka @fumanchucat on Twitter

“Vivid detail, surprising turns, and a touch of whimsy carried me along the pathway of Marsha’s poems. They are a treat for all the senses, containing depth and riches, which reward each new reading.”

– Matt Quinn, poet, genealogist and author of numerous chapbooks.

“Marsha Berry evokes both the natural world and the world of man with deftness and exquisite detail. Each word seems equally weighted and chosen with care. Marsha has seemingly dipped her pen in eldritch ink to produce a volume of mesmerizing verse steeped in mythologies of nature, balanced with dashes of poésie noire, light humour and thoughtful social commentary.”

– Chris Galvin, author of the forthcoming Breakfast under the Bodhi Tree

“In Spinning, Marsha Berry has charted a journey through a world transfigured with wonder. Meditative and philosophical, naturalistic and dreamlike, the poems glisten with unexpected detail as from the paintings of Paul Klee, works full of whimsical and enigmatic manifestations of reality in an otherwise imaginative framework. To paraphrase Rainer Maria Rilke – who once wrote of Klee that “I would have guessed that on many occasions his drawings were transcriptions of music” – Berry’s poetry, in its essence, is a transcription of life; and what a richness of life it is.”

– Samuel Peralta, award-winning author of How More Beautiful You Are

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  1. YAY! I am SO excited!! After reading Patinas cover to cover on arrival it is high time for some more Marsha Berry’s exquisite poetry to grace my bookshelf after I have savoured it thoroughly. Many congratulations and very deserved 🙂 xx

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