Mutant Thoughts

mutant thoughts

the air is dank
blood heat

tepid adjectives
a subject …

the object sits
tongue hanging out
cooling the breath

the only action
while nothing fills
the spaces between
every thing
every cell

and there I shall
meet you.

and we shall be
one mutant thought …

Plenty more poetry over at dVersePoets 

Naked Time

watching clock time
hands on face
numbers roll


visceral slowing
candle flame lit
a vampire in the ether

smoother now

belly pushes hands
worries disintegrate
with the vampire’s
bad intentions
into naked time…

Take Five

orange fades
earth’s shadow falls
a turn of the heart
beneath a streetlamp
quiet sighs

a queen of spades
hides quietly
in the house
of sumptuous dreams
the gambler’s nightmare

a queen of hearts
a peony unfurls
he pours a glass of wine
pink silence sparkles

a queen adorned
in ice diamonds
beaded midnight velvet
crystal tears
melt into rose and blue

a clover queen
in emerald splendour
a sense of petrichor
lightning dances
on sky mountains

quiet sighs
beneath a full moon
another turn of the heart
clouds boast silver linings
rain drops laugh

Shadow Play

Can a shadow offend,
perhaps a shade
when mottled streams and
shady glades you wade,
or drive along
a windy road strobing
through an old growth
forest greenly glowing?

Cameras struggle with
the dark and light,
exposure levels
seek to overwrite;
lo, the quest beckons
for the hallowed grail –
perfect white balance,
visual delight.

And yet these shadows
that may offend some
mean no harm to
precious dispositions
with their dolly carts
and tripods,
and phallic lens
for definition.

I say, they are nought
but motes and dapples;
celebrate instead,
the artful play of shadows.


The Poetics of Groundhog Day – Bright Shadow

A Ray of Light

You walked into the room – a ray of light,
your masquerade costume, my ray of light.

You whispered, “my beloved”, my heart soared,
Your face, a precious bloom – a ray of light.

Unworthy feelings banished, I flew high
Above the deepest gloom, your ray of light.

We lightly tripped together, love’s pavanne,
Breathless; into my womb, new ray of light.

And those who doubt love’s transforming magic,
Sweep them clean with a broom, heart’s ray of light.

And if dark days descend on you, my love,
Then I would expel your doom, dear ray of light.

My soul is bound with crimson threads to yours,
Many summers on life’s loom – love’s ray of light.


Do visit dVerse for Samuel Peralta’s (aka Semaphore) wonderful post on the Ghazal as a form. This is the first time I have attempted to write a ghazal. It was very challenging to say the least.

Here is an extract from Samuel’s explanation of the form:

“Ghazals are beautiful poems, originating in Arabic verse from the sixth century, written traditionally about poetically physical or spiritual love, with a melancholic air of separation or longing.

Made famous in the Western world by the modern translations of works by Rumi and Hafiz, these translations unfortunately have been the source of much confusion over what a ghazal is.

Classic ghazals have a strict form and structure – similar to a Petrarchan sonnet. In trying to be faithful to the ancient poet’s words and expression, translators had to forego the structural framework of the classical ghazal in English.”

 This is my attempt to remain true to the form. I couldn’t get my name into the last couplet

FormForAll: On Ghazals and the Ghazal Sonnet