From a Martian Naturalist’s Notebook

This is for Meeting The Bar: A Martian sharpens his knife over at dVerse. Thank you to Samuel Peralta for bringing us today’s Meeting the Bar article.. there are some excellent poems here

I have used a blank verse of couplets for my take on estrangement.

Green supple silicon pricks my soles,
it spreads without a centre.

A bullet with six segmented sticks
flies with veined cellophane wings.

Grey brown particles, carbon, minerals
have the scent of dead blood and bone.

Organic structures reaching for the sun
mirrored reaching for the magma core below.

Spectrums broken into different waveforms
a compass for  the lifeforms.

Sticky powder sits in baskets
attracting creatures swimming in air.

Pliable pipe creature with a circle mouth
spits droplets, mix of oxygen and hydrogen.


12 thoughts on “From a Martian Naturalist’s Notebook

  1. i think you might have nailed this one far better than any of us honestly…some really great descriptions without giving it away but once you put it in context it all fits…great piece marousia

  2. It’s more difficult than it appears, doesn’t it? But when you nail it, you just know! This is excellent, and the “Naturalist’s Notebook” part of the title is enough of a hint to get people going. Excellent work!

  3. This is tremendous! So cleverly put together yet not in any over-precise way ~ there is still rhythm, beat & flow. I love your title & ~ somehow ~ your last couplet seems to tie together the alien & the familiar. In my ever-so-humble opinion, M, this poem is a potential competition winner. I love it! 🙂

    NB. Fourteen lines too ~*

  4. You have caughtba definite alien view that pulls me out of my way of seeing things into a different way of seeing things. I like the fact that actually begin to feel the loss of my bearings in words as I know them.

  5. This poem is so wonderful on so many levels. I adore it!

    It is one that makes you think, that grabs you, that is beautiful in all its images.

    For me this poem is a great example of what poetry is all about 🙂

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