Purple Abandon

Words wanted to see
what they could become
on other tongues,
a desire to startle
avoiding the obvious, simply
sprinkling polysyllabic sounds,
classical allusions
with purple abandon
and adjectives
to roll in the mouth;
not blue, azure,
not green,verdant,
not brown but cinnamon,
and how many words
for yellow?

A muse flies away,
just out of reach
a mosquito
buzzes in
blades of grass.

Read here by Abi

For dVerse

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 7

Butterfly Blurs



They named you Ulysses,
after Penelope’s husband,
you soar canopies,
humble suburban gardens,
swift black edged
piece of tropical sky
you ride currents
seeking your lady,
blue glass flashes
catches your eye,
you dance close by,
but it is not she…

A folded brown leaf
breaks from a canopy branch,
flashing electric blue blurs,
an insect heart
flutters with love,
the rainforest air buzzes.

Peeping Through

Blushing buds peep through the luscious grass,
Her footprints lightly touch the warming earth,
In her hands, an enamelled looking glass;
She touches clouds, skipping in her mirth;
Sunlight dances soft in fine water sprays
Making rainbow magic,  hastening spring,
Pink camellias, floral cabarets
Abundant treasures longer days shall bring,
Flood her mind as her thoughts fly swiftly north
To visions of rain forests meeting seas,
Bold sea eagles hovering back and forth
Above a sacred canopy of trees.
Beneath her feet peep wee pink flowers
Absorb each second of the sun’s short hours.


One or Multiple Personas?

A few of the people I follow on Twitter have multiple personas for a variety of reasons. This got me thinking. Some changed their persona name to better reflect who they wish to be in the Twitter world. Others found that too many work colleagues etc knew who they were; this cramped their style. Some found their timelines too busy and wanted to pare things back. Some were hacked and needed to start over. It seems we can build up baggage in these floating worlds that can weigh us down. Some vanish for a while, only to re-emerge with a new name and avi. They give themselves away quite quickly.

No matter how hard we try we are only ever ourselves even if we are playing a character role. And we reveal ourselves no matter how much we try to remain ‘in character’. I have had the same handle but like to change my avi – I have at various times been a set of Vietnamese water puppets in an image I made, a pre-Raphaelite painting, myself and an upside down cat. I am not sure what ‘face’ I will have next. But I know I can never be anyone other than myself. Even if I try on a disguise, I will betray myself and you will spot me.

Others have a couple of twitter handles, one may be associated with a business venture or community, the other is used as a tool for personal expression. I find such machinations fascinating as I try to unravel the new ways of being together in the floating world we create in social media universes.

I have also being trying to figure out whether I want to spend time in Google+. There one can have only one identity but multiple circles of acquaintances that can be kept separate. Perhaps the designers got it wrong. Maybe what people want is a space where they can have multiple personas in the same space to express different aspects of themselves.

I wonder how good we are at spotting people with multiple personas … and how easily can we be fooled by people who create multiple personas …

Palimpsest Fragments

I am your palimpsest
lightning rods

her body
his nectar
a palimpsest
with love’s mark

They wrote
of power
over and over
palimpsest prayers

Scratched train window
passing factories

Voices slide
cut betwixt
floating out
a palimpsest

Urban palimpsests
graphics jostle
breathing space


A page flutters
spinning webs
untold stories


The pavement
beneath my feet
a palimpsest
of ghostly

Palimpsest  Fragments series appears in The Poetry Tree, Edition 2

Five Pebbles

In green half light
a stoic flourishes
soon to bloom
with a coy
pink blush


Outside my house
a flower of the sun
in my camera’s lens


Spring wind
petals cling
to my moist cheeks

Sense of place
distinctive features
invented spots

Shadows building
Interiors for dreams
of permanence