Tangerine Maze

Tangerine spiders
trapped in amber
walls of the maze,
passages slide
slick under
my fingers.
I tread barefoot
on soft anthracite
wending my way
stepping out
a mother’s prayers
to the heart
where a waterfall
tinkles with
the dreams
of  a young bride
seeking a true love
in her groom
that remains
long after the last
rose petal falls;
that reveres
fecund hips
with ripening seeds
and sees beauty
in  bare branches
and thorns.

6 thoughts on “Tangerine Maze

  1. This is a wonderful poem. Truly enchanting aspect is its phonetics which is rarely attended to now a days. The imagery is gripping and fascinating. Wonderful lines: “I tread barefoot/ on soft anthracite/ wending my way/
    stepping out/ a mother’s prayers/ to the heart/ where a waterfall/ tinkles with/ the dreams/ of a young bride”. Fabulous write.

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