The Next Big Thing ~ Week 19

The Next Big Thing is a concept brought to life by SheWrites that allows authors the opportunity to discuss their next book, whether it’s being published or not. When the wonderful writer, Natasha Head presented the idea, it seemed like serendipity as this gives me a way to introduce a project of mine that will be released soon. Below you will find the set questions I have answered in the style of an interview, which will hopefully make interesting reading.

Many thanks and gratitude to Natasha for tagging me in her post. You can read her interview here

What is the title of your book?


What genre does it fall under?

Poetry :)) (what else)

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie?

Maggie Smith, Orlando Bloom, Judy Dench, Kiera Knightley, Susan Hampshire, Hugh Grant

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

If you could walk wherever you wanted, where would that be?

Will your book be self-pub or represented by an agency?

The book will be published by Aquillrelle.

How long did it take you to write the first draft?

The first draft has been written over eighteen months.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

It’s poetry – I would like to leave that to the reader to decide 🙂

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I write poetry to look at life more closely – I have a penchant for lifting stones and seeing what lies beneath.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope it has made you a just little bit curious about my anthology.

And in honor of supporting The Next Big Thing and my fellow authors, here’s three awesome writers that have projects they would like to share with you too… do visit as they speak of their Next Big Thing!

Peter Wilkin

Chris Galvin

Louise Hastings


Slip Alley XXXI

Thi runs the shower,
soaps herself luxuriously,
Jack is moving, showing signs
of waking after sleeping
drugged for three days …
a few moments more of quiet
until the curtain rises.

Isamu’s cat sits on his human’s lap,
mutters encouragement
as Isamu strokes his ears.

Thi pours two coffees,
black and thick,
stirs in sugar syrup,
hands a cup to Jack
and smiles sweetly…

Isamu’s yellow cat
sniffs the incense stick
glowing in the twilight,
bats three coins onto the floor,
Isamu picks them up and grins,
“Purrrrfect, I’ll order soft shell
crab for your supper.
The yellow cat sits,
curling his tail
around his feet
to wait for room service
as Isamu dresses for dinner.
It will be a champagne night.

Thi takes Jack by the hand
as they walk down the stairs,
she asks most solicitously,
“Did you like the cruise
to the old pirate haunts
on Halong Bay? I liked his story
about how they would confuse
the enemies in the American War.”
Thi yawns theatrically,
and whispers in Jack’s ear,
“you wore me out on the beach, big boy.”
Jack grins at the planted memory,
“It was paradise out there,
you deserve the best French champagne
tonight, you know,
I might even take you
back with me,”
softly squeezing Thi’s hand.

Thi looks deep into Jack’s eyes,
the deception is complete,
he believes he was out all day.

Slip Alley XXX

Ollie buttons up his black silk shirt,
splashes on some Polo aftershave,
frowns critically at his reflection.
His left eyebrow seems twitchy.

He finds a taxi in the street,
heads to Lake Hoan Kiem
to meet his offsider, May.

May waits by the red wooden bridge
to Ngoc Son Temple
people watching. She buys
roasted corn on a stick
from a vendor wearing a Homburg.
She speaks to him in French
and listens to his stories
of how when he was young
these streets were deserted…

Ollie’s taxi pulls up by the bridge,
he scans the crowds for May,
saunters to her side, snapping
pictures as he goes.

May tells Ollie
all about Isamu, tells him
she’ll meet him on the beach
at Cat Ba …


Isamu  sits on Cat Ba beach,
behind him tourists splash and play
in the resort’s pool,
he looks at Thi and Phong,
hands them both a beer,
they clink and drink.

Soon it will be time
to wake Jack for dinner,
by the evening’s end he’ll believe
he has been cruising
around the floating islands
snorkelling and
finding pirates’ caves with Thi,
Phong and Thi giggle,
Jack will be a cat’s paw
by the time they’re through.

Eric the Red lies sleeping
in a luxurious suite,
trussed up just in case …