Twitter Moments

dust moats
in my reading light


Night whispers love
across the sky
morning blushes


I stretch
the old book spine
cracks in half


Wind chimes stir
birds startle
moon mirrors silent


Sun sets
behind the ocean
a wet peach


occluded moonlight
caught in a stone
framed in silver


no silver coins in ponds
the wind billows
her kimono


Blue stone cobbles
singular footfalls
detection afoot


The moon admires
in bedraggled streets


OpenLinkNight ~ Week 45


Little Pebbles

Well worn path
split melon halves
a snail’s silver gleams

Sunny afternoon
slanted rays winking
traffic hums

Silver patterned clouds
float on charcoal velvet
light shines through the holes

Door mat dreams
flying carpet
in the draught

Street lights
tickle the moon
splashing in puddles

Words escape
moon doesn’t blink
in silence


Watching thoughts flow
across the surface of the moon
my feet are cold

Seven Snippets

A spoonful of letters
seeped in a teapot
love pours out

Love whispers
finger prints
of ease

Kimonos waft past
pinhole lights
night’s silk unfurled

Drum rolls
lights flash
rain enters

Wind whistling
under the eaves
birds building

Tangled cords
gather fur dustballs
static tumbleweed

in the gloaming
a bat squeaks

Five Pebbles

In green half light
a stoic flourishes
soon to bloom
with a coy
pink blush


Outside my house
a flower of the sun
in my camera’s lens


Spring wind
petals cling
to my moist cheeks

Sense of place
distinctive features
invented spots

Shadows building
Interiors for dreams
of permanence



Rain diamonds
on her web
natures gesture

A misplaced key
he seeks

Commedia mask
an ant
crawls out

rend the air
a spider
her web

Sky sweats
fiery glow
birds huddle under eaves

Round raindrops
mercury and gold

Small Change

Haiku from the past little while

Ruby rug drapes
warmth of alpaca


Demure daisies
warm peace
chamomile tea


clouds dressed
dusty rose corsages
hail passing sun


In twelve glasses
she collects rain
reflecting clouds


A golden chain
of chubby lanterns
a path to peace


Dreams and whispers
a park bench


A metronome clacks
birds squabble in gum trees
moon rises


carpet dreams
with horses


A tree of life
woven in lamb
rubies and sapphires