For Boris


Your last three days
back legs not working  …  FCE
my soul howled with your bewilderment.

The darkness ended
and a visceral absence
fills your place forevermore.

You have joined my well of souls
swirling in a rainbow
on full moon nights.

I miss your waggy bum
and playing cheek to cheek
our pulsing jugulars exposed.

At night we’d spoon
in mammalian warmth
both softly snoring.

I miss your happy barks
rising up the scales
ringing in my ears.

Our drifting walks live forever
following scents carried on the wind
especially after rain.

I miss you sniffing trees
and me shooting stuff
on my smartphone camera …

We went to puppy school together
many moons ago
to learn to sit and heal …

You’d chase plastic bottles
like a lure and roll
basketballs growling like a bear.

We’d laugh and play
on endless summer days
and read messages on trees.

The moon is full tonight
sweet friend and forty days
not yet passed …

Yet I feel your peace
and if I close my eyes
I can almost hear you breathe.

For Dearest Boris ~ 31/10/2002 – 04/09/2013