Flash fiction

Green Stiletto Shoes

She wore green stiletto shoes. She strutted in the faded sunshine.Rose lights bounced off the high rise buildings. It had been a frustrating day but she was looking forward to meeting friends in a  new little bar tucked in a lane-way.The best bars had no signs and were quite a challenge to find unless one knew where they were.  She was a Melbourne girl through and through. She admired her elongated shadow on the pavement.

She turned right into a lane-way. The graffiti fitted the description her friends had given. There was a kabuki doll painted on the brick work.  Now, to find a deep red door. She passed by a dust encrusted window with an exhaust fan.  She peeked in, it was an artist’s studio with large plaster mannequins. She heard footsteps shuffling and the tap of a cane  behind her. She held up her phone using the screen as a black mirror. The alley was empty. She turned, expecting to see a blind man with a cane. Nothing.

In that moment, she felt a silk tie around her throat and quickly grabbed at it. She kicked hard at the figure behind her, connecting with a soft part. There was a muffled groan. She realised her assailant was no longer holding onto the the scarf when she saw both ends slither down. She heard the sound of retching behind her.  She took off her shoes and swivelled around.

He lay moaning on the ground clutching at his groin. His hands were covered in bright red blood. He screamed when she met his eyes. She could see the cobblestones through his torso and legs, he was fading fast. She stood transfixed with a shoe in each hand, watching as he faded clean away until an oily patch of bright red was all that remained. She spotted the dark red door just ahead; put on her green stiletto shoes, rolled up the silk tie, put it in her bag, refreshed her lipstick, fixed her hair and walked through the door.