Sketches from the Morning Train

Preening, sighing, eyebrows drawn,
lips glazed slick, blushed cheeks
and cleavage bursting out
hoping for a glance from the prince
of her nocturnal fancies.


He celebrates
the blur of ambiguity
his disgust is painted
on his airbrushed face,
pointing to another path.


She sits inside
a version of herself,
pouring away life,
she purses her lips,
shuts her eyes tight.






For Week 39, One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry


Baristas toil
to give us strength
through coffee
while overhead
a fan whines


pale blue sky
luscious whipped white

silken love
grounded on green
black fidelity

Earth Metronomes

Skyscrapers sway like bamboo
while the rigid oaks break;
lesson learned, and applied.

Then warnings based on
probability calculations
transformed to algorithms
modelling scenarios of giant waves
rippling, engulfing, reshaping
coastlines …

Then failure of power
to cool core rods,
projected contingencies:
nuclear reactors melting,
sea water urgently pumping,
no, not melting completely,
only partially; confusion,
hyperbole, paranoia
and reassurances
while radioactive plumes billow
in the air and on maps.

A photo of a toddler
scanned by men in white
for exposure, and given iodine
just in case…

Earth metronomes
continue to follow
mysterious cycles…