Riffin’ on a thick description- Take 2

Riffin’ on a thick description – Take 2

so still she sits
opposite you
on an everyday train
watery eyes
into her screen

her perfume
conjures flowers
you’ve not yet seen
with shades
of pastel pink and gold
filigree edges
swirling in a vortex
chasing a future perfect time

in the loop
sound is magnified

she speaks
sotto voce
her thumb and forefinger
expand her screen

her face waxes stronger
her brow smooths
she taps letters
into words

her glistening red lips
slip into a parted smile
as she presses ‘post’

her words
slide into a void
of gone but not yet read

you write
seventeen syllables
posted to Twitter
#haiku #commute

laptop open
he taps his phone
screen saver blinks
he strokes
a hollow surface

a slight eye contraction

a twitch or a wink
possibly faked

plump words link
piling together
a thick wink’s

he rubs
a fingertip
over the corner
of his eye

the person beside you
has no idea the words
he reads
on the screen
are from you



cropped-goldensands.jpgbathers stitching
sky and earth and water

toes massaging
liquid sand lines flowing

saltness scouring
fingers forming ridges

gold rays folding
fickle slants and angles

soft air soothing
cricks and kinks and twinges




“Once, twice, three times”
palpable glee in the auctioneer’s voice,
“are we done?”
a pause, even a beat,
you can hear people breathing, shuffling
“going, going …
SOLD to the lady in blue!”

And so a home stripped of intimacy,
styled into an invitation to dream
changes hands …

Your heart is racing,
tears of relief spring into your eyes,
a champagne cork pops,
the intoxicating scent of bubbles
tickle your nose,
a sip of frothy blue
and yellow visions
of playful waves and sand.

Now the house in P_____ St is no more,
the site’s completely cleared,
you wonder why you worked so hard
just before the keys were handed over
to leave no trace behind.

Horizons beckon untrammelled
from a new place
where it’s easy to breath.