Serene Sighs

Leaves dance
on an old piano,
honeyeaters trill
to the setting sun
sitting on perches
caught in walnut.

A cat walks on faux
ebony and ivory
serial notes,
the deep tones
tickling her feet,
her own harmony.

A sea breeze gently
ruffles the lilac,
bees rush to their hives
as clouds dress
in rose and gold
for the day’s curtain call.


Tripping a bully

We sit side by side,
eye-lights reflecting flames;
you speak of your outrage
at your unjust brother.

I listen to your unstrung words;
I remind you how we laughed
when we tripped up the school bully
so many summers ago…

Years fall away from your face,
in flicker of flames
despair dances an absurd pirouette,
you never could stand bullies.

for Poetry Picnic Week 8: Friends, Relationships and Everyone around


Seven Snippets

A spoonful of letters
seeped in a teapot
love pours out

Love whispers
finger prints
of ease

Kimonos waft past
pinhole lights
night’s silk unfurled

Drum rolls
lights flash
rain enters

Wind whistling
under the eaves
birds building

Tangled cords
gather fur dustballs
static tumbleweed

in the gloaming
a bat squeaks

Ekphrasis: David Hockney

Hockney’s Rainy Night on Bridlingtom Promenade 


He used a pocket art machine,
finger printed marks
for pixel colour values,
software application metaphors
familiar as comfy shoes,
standing there, somewhere
above the water, to doodle
a shoreline on a rainy night;
architect designed
streetlights that bow low
to their own shiny reflections
ghosting impressions,
expressions of
multiplying mediated moments
of fake fame, celebrity…
while raindrops repeat
a soft refrain paying no attention…