Found Object

I walk on footpaths
with the dog,
marvellous reason
to stop, peer into homes
pondering what makes a home,
how many of these houses are homes,
easy to spot the rentals,
the gardens say it all,
some clipped, contained in lines,
others rambling, dripping wisterias,
ivy, and the dreams of parks,
oaks, hostas nestling in the shade,
a burst of opportunistic orchids,
red and tangerine,
happy grass, gratitude to La Nina,
life and sap flowing in empty streets;
hard rubbish on naturestrips
we spot a swivel chair,
no rips or stains, hydraulic works;
we make haste back home,
stop at the greengrocer
for the doggie’s daily carrot and a pat,
we  jump in the car
claim the thrown out chair.


4 thoughts on “Found Object

  1. Love this one, Marousia. I love walking at night and catching glimpses and slivers of other people’s lives. Also love looking at what’s going on in nature and in the gardens.
    I wish you many happy walks with Boris.

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