Catness X 3

stillness sighs
why why why
leaves start to gossip


water drips
from the inky sky
street lights leak onto the road
her tail a question
she meows at the door


a bell jingles
behind the curtains
I stare intently
into a cup of tea



Riffin’ on a thick description

Laptop open
he taps his phone
screen saver blinks
he strokes
a hollow surface

a slight
eye contraction
a twitch
or a wink

plump words link
piling together
a thick wink’s

he rubs
a fingertip
over the corner
of his eye

the person beside you
has no idea the words
on the screen
are from you

Riffin’ on a thick description is a homage to Clifford Geertz, an anthropologist who took the art and craft of writing observations very seriously.

Small Stones in early July

July 2

doggie needs to pee
the door creaks open
protesting the cold air
wafting as
the central heating
blasts warmth
on a cold winter’s
July night

July 4

I was on Facebook tonight and I saw a post from Yoko Ono’s page so I followed her link to a review about her book Acorns ( The article talks about the acorns she and John Lennon planted back in 1968 and their vision of living sculptures around the world of paired oak trees. There is an extract from her book in the article about listening to what other people are thinking  … nice playful irony I thought and so wabi sabi … it reminded me of the invisibility of listening, how I tried to understand this phenomenon over a decade ago through my doctoral dissertation and how I struggled to express my meandering thoughts through academic writing  … anyway her poem triggered a chain reaction in my brain. Below is my spontaneous play on her words.

Listen to the raging wind outside my door
Listen to the wind outside your window
Listen to the wind swirling from the sun
Listen to your climate system
Can you hear the turning of the ground …

July 5

my ear hairs bristle
biting wind blows through
southern cross glitter

July 8

steaming chicken soup
a balm for weary bones
chewy whole grain rice

sighs turn to comfort
spoon clinks an emptied bowl
ghosts leave haunted eyes

Take Five

orange fades
earth’s shadow falls
a turn of the heart
beneath a streetlamp
quiet sighs

a queen of spades
hides quietly
in the house
of sumptuous dreams
the gambler’s nightmare

a queen of hearts
a peony unfurls
he pours a glass of wine
pink silence sparkles

a queen adorned
in ice diamonds
beaded midnight velvet
crystal tears
melt into rose and blue

a clover queen
in emerald splendour
a sense of petrichor
lightning dances
on sky mountains

quiet sighs
beneath a full moon
another turn of the heart
clouds boast silver linings
rain drops laugh


A candle burns
an orange glow
ancestors congregate
with love


The veil thins
the moon beams


From the edge
a solstice


in sentient life
two hands clap


You stand
where the sky
kisses the earth


An aquifer
flows through the rift
seeping life




Past dissolves
future looms
pre illusions


watching the moon
sparkling cold
steps in puddles


Mournful curlew
serenades the moon
clouds gather in a ring


Clear night spreads
a cosy chill without
within warm hearts beat


A package
bird brooch
a CD of road songs
and a kestrel feather
precious memento


watching the moon
sparkling cold
steps in puddles


haiku guides
of the mind


Clear night spreads
a cosy chill without
within warm hearts beat

the umbrella tree
two deck chairs
fresh green tea
teahouse open