Cutout Whispers

whitesmoke vapours
slither from a silver exhaust

drifting crystals churn
to a distant wind chime tune

secret fireflies dance
in a maelstrom of moonrain

gardens sparkle in champagne
while rent ghosts roam
dazzled by periwinkles
fractured on bisque pots

cutout whisper motes
float in between
mint and lady bugs





Pond Idyll

Dragonflies break
the skin of stillness
disrupting inertia.

Tadpoles drop tails,
clamber on rocks
lungs screaming
for the place
where the sky
meets water.

A moving miasma,
mosquitos and midges
flee diaphanous wings.

Green lotus leaves
ride rippled shadows,
frogs whistle to the sun,
a water rat sparkles
feasting on pollywogs
and tales left behind.

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 41

From a Martian Naturalist’s Notebook

This is for Meeting The Bar: A Martian sharpens his knife over at dVerse. Thank you to Samuel Peralta for bringing us today’s Meeting the Bar article.. there are some excellent poems here

I have used a blank verse of couplets for my take on estrangement.

Green supple silicon pricks my soles,
it spreads without a centre.

A bullet with six segmented sticks
flies with veined cellophane wings.

Grey brown particles, carbon, minerals
have the scent of dead blood and bone.

Organic structures reaching for the sun
mirrored reaching for the magma core below.

Spectrums broken into different waveforms
a compass for  the lifeforms.

Sticky powder sits in baskets
attracting creatures swimming in air.

Pliable pipe creature with a circle mouth
spits droplets, mix of oxygen and hydrogen.

Five Pebbles

In green half light
a stoic flourishes
soon to bloom
with a coy
pink blush


Outside my house
a flower of the sun
in my camera’s lens


Spring wind
petals cling
to my moist cheeks

Sense of place
distinctive features
invented spots

Shadows building
Interiors for dreams
of permanence



Lukewarm sun rays
breaking weakly
through pale grey clouds,
I trudge
in search of spring.

Inky puddles
moiréd with engine oil,
round rain drops
plop winter nonchalance
splitting into damp,
clinging to my skin.

Clammy grass clumps,
feral islands
between tyre trod ruts,
snow drops peek through
back fence cracks,
the scent of jonquils
permeates bone damp air.

A splash 
of shiny yellow
by a sour moss licked drain,
childhood magic –
tell signs
of butter lovers
gleaming under chins,
bring promises
of warmer days
and shorter nights.

To celebrate dVerse opening night

Water sketch of a photograph

From across the hemispheres
a photo of a well tended garden,
landed in my stream.

A clematis, glorious mauve,
variegated hues
evoking visions
of quinacridone magenta, violet,
mixed with fuchsia, imperial purple
and lapis lazuli
swirling waterborne
edged with graphite
a heart of lemon yellow
with gold lights.

Jingle Poetry Potluck: Sketches, Images and Impressions