Fire fox merrily skips beneath the night
seeking emeralds in a pool of blue,
bowing deeply to streaming water sprites,
paying gods the reverence they are due.

Green water dragons dance with river prawns
flickering neon in magnetic seams,
Northern lights inspire blushing Southern dawns,
polar nets fishing in the solar streams.

From the heart of sun plasma rises, stares
into the emptiness, electrons dance
with protons, swirling wantonly on flares,
humans watch on, in a mystical trance.

Glowing cosmic beads slip along a string,
magnetic leelines, mythic angel wings.


26 thoughts on “Aurora

  1. Marousia, it might be well to be a physicist to wholly embrace your poem, cosmic events in mythological terms, dragons breathing elements constructed from archetypal dreams. I especially like the line:

    “polar nets fishing in the solar streams.”

    Beautiful work and I am grateful to have seen it.

    Bauke Kamstra (@wyrde)

  2. Really gorgeous, marousia. I was just watching the news about the unusually violent solar storms going on right now–you make it very real and vivid–and somehow, fit into a place I’d like to be. Loving that second stanza, esp, as well as the beads at the end.

  3. A sonnet! I always love it when someone is ambitious and tackles something that allows so much freedom within a strict rhythmic and rhyming structure. That your language is so vivid is a plus.

  4. The language here is so rich, lush…it cries to be read aloud. Like the way you got the dragon in there…:) Northern lights are smiling for you tonight!

  5. A sweet, cosmic little rhyme Marousia, one quite dream-like in its execution. I can practically breathe in the light imagery, let the language enrapture me. A delight.

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