Shadow Play

Can a shadow offend,
perhaps a shade
when mottled streams and
shady glades you wade,
or drive along
a windy road strobing
through an old growth
forest greenly glowing?

Cameras struggle with
the dark and light,
exposure levels
seek to overwrite;
lo, the quest beckons
for the hallowed grail –
perfect white balance,
visual delight.

And yet these shadows
that may offend some
mean no harm to
precious dispositions
with their dolly carts
and tripods,
and phallic lens
for definition.

I say, they are nought
but motes and dapples;
celebrate instead,
the artful play of shadows.


The Poetics of Groundhog Day – Bright Shadow

16 thoughts on “Shadow Play

  1. O, I love this! What would we be without the artful play of light and dark…Yin and Yang…all in our perception…wonderful write, M!

  2. I like this one very much. You have showed the positives of shadows, of which there are many.In photograph, you’re right, shadows often act to enhance. And yes, we should celebrate them in many different situations. They are friend, not foe.

  3. Ha! I thought I had visited last night–it gets to be a bit of a blur–so I’m so glad I checked again. This is such a charming poem. I love the idea of the phallic lenses, and of course, people want things “their way” (a bit flat as the idea of perfect), when they have all this wonderful variegation before them. Lovely poem. k.

  4. Very playfully condemning — my questions, why must we think so badly about the phallus — ah for a glorious poem which embraces the word.

    A nice long lens, embraces the shadows, inviting the contrast — that is the phallus I imagine.

    Fine sound to your language, even if a bit harsh on men. 🙂

  5. ‘Cameras struggle with the dark and light …’

    As do we all … & balance is sometimes difficult/impossible to achieve. But how can it be any other way? So let us celebrate indeed & find our way through the contrasting shades … quite often in spontaneousplay. Such a sophisticated & beautifully written poem 🙂

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