Cutout Whispers

whitesmoke vapours
slither from a silver exhaust

drifting crystals churn
to a distant wind chime tune

secret fireflies dance
in a maelstrom of moonrain

gardens sparkle in champagne
while rent ghosts roam
dazzled by periwinkles
fractured on bisque pots

cutout whisper motes
float in between
mint and lady bugs





5 thoughts on “Cutout Whispers

  1. This is so exquisite, M…especially when read aloud. The language, the imagry, it’s all a beautiful song…this is now my fave! Just gorgeous :))

  2. Things that drift along in the in-betweens of time & space … seldom seen or heard but you have captured them so beautifully as they ‘float in between mint and lady bugs.’ Love it! 🙂

  3. I think Jacquie puts it best, this poem is exquisite: jewell-like portraits, vignettes, if you prefer, of observations, of little moments. This is very fine poetry Ms B.

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