Naked Time

watching clock time
hands on face
numbers roll


visceral slowing
candle flame lit
a vampire in the ether

smoother now

belly pushes hands
worries disintegrate
with the vampire’s
bad intentions
into naked time…


9 thoughts on “Naked Time

  1. “dispelling a vampire into the ether’ A bit of genius there, poet… also the notion of time as naked….but for the vampire’s bad intentions…another stroke of brilliance…Why didn’t I write that? I think this write is one of my favorites of yours…:)) xoxo

  2. This is great. It seems to me you write about waiting and meditating to settle the anxiously felt.
    I love the connection with time / clock, hands / face the then leads to candle / flame, visceral / belly.

    A wonderful moment of worry turned to peace. So it seems to my way of reading 🙂

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