Twitter Moments

dust moats
in my reading light


Night whispers love
across the sky
morning blushes


I stretch
the old book spine
cracks in half


Wind chimes stir
birds startle
moon mirrors silent


Sun sets
behind the ocean
a wet peach


occluded moonlight
caught in a stone
framed in silver


no silver coins in ponds
the wind billows
her kimono


Blue stone cobbles
singular footfalls
detection afoot


The moon admires
in bedraggled streets


OpenLinkNight ~ Week 45

19 thoughts on “Twitter Moments

  1. Sun sets behind the ocean, a wet peach….love that! Some really original imagry here, M! I too, like that word…fandango :)0

  2. These are all great, but I especially love the dust motes dancing fandangos – great image. And the book spine – I’ll remember that one next time I stretch. 🙂

  3. Love your words ~ brings smiles with each new image! ~ super enjoyed the use of words in. A new way like fandango ~. Thanks!

  4. These are just exquisite, marousia. The first is one that brings an instant smile of appreciation, as for me is the one about the book spine(!) and all the others have their own beauty. Lovely, intelligent micropoetry.

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