Feather Squeak

an unthought hand
waves a stray feather –
it caresses
of the wind
like a cat’s tail
in the wind
the vibrations
become electric
caught on a nerve
to squeak

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23 thoughts on “Feather Squeak

  1. “an unthought hand” love that!….and to “squeak exquisitely”….a lovely oxymoron. beginning and ending parentheses to a signature poem. xoxo

  2. I never saw the picture that you and others are referring to, but your poem made me picture, and hear, the fine hairs from the quill of the feather ruffling in a wind, as if a bird were flying and the air were passing through its wings, vibrating the feathers into a sound just under the range of our hearing.

  3. Upon my first hurried read I imagined a dream catcher blowing in the wind, made of feather string, cattails, squeaking…but it’s so much more than that….a vivid yet light naturalist poem;)

  4. In my opinion this is wonderful. You took a thought and weaved it in the most delightful way. And the words you chose tickled my mind, senses, and proclivities which is the essence of good poetry writing. Bravo!

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