Pheasant Dreams (Ekphrasis)

Coming in to Land by Peter Wilkin

Coming in to Land by Peter Wilkin

Inconvenient snow
dresses the earth
promising stairways to the moon’s
fair round face tonight …

With little thought
of moon splendour,
a pheasant
is coming in to land,
a brief, impossible flight…

kawk, kawk –  a  dream slides
on the wind … a thin scent of spring
still lingers awakening memories:

avoid earsplitting pops,
flying lumpen lead seeds;
below –  iron sticks held by
two legged creatures sans wings,

picture  –
rustling hedges filled with
hawthorne berries,  hazelnut blooms
dangling like an old man’s beard
promising fat nuts …

red reynard hunts …

But today the hen yard entices
with pellets – the non leaden kind –
kawk, kawk – landing gear down

with a thump.

Open Link Night ~ Week 89


17 thoughts on “Pheasant Dreams (Ekphrasis)

  1. I really like this style of writing of yours. It’s so Avant-garde and very surreal. What inspired you to write this poem?


    P.S please check out my new blog poem. Inputs are most appreciated. 🙂
    Dj Dead Cow -

  2. with a thump…ha…love the end on this…and thank goodness no lead pellets this time…or at least when the hunters are bad shots…and inconvenient snow…so you got it too eh? smiles.

  3. Incredible poetic capture of Peter’s beautiful photo…very graphic, visual…I see it all, and hear that thumped landing. Terrific write..M!

  4. Perhaps also an expression of your desire for some crisp cold weather to save you from your heat, just when we’d happily exchange our crisp, cold, snow clad Spring for a bit of your heatwave…

  5. Oh, I LOVE this poem, Marousia. It’s evocative of so much of winter, nature, mankind, etc.

    But what is very special is the almost surreal undercurrent in this poem, bringing it from the surface into an internal bird chatter.

    I remember the pheasants of my youth…over the soy bean and corn fields when the corn was cut and the stubble was left in the fields. I remember the sound of these birds when they lifted off in the the air from the ground, wheeling around into the sun and no one could get a shot off…but didn’t care because they were so beautiful and how could something that heavy get off the ground?!

    Your poetry just grows and grows and impresses with the lyrical development.

    What a beautiful poem, Marousia!

    Lady Nyo

  6. So honoured that you’ve wrapped this wonderful poem around my photoart ~ thank you ever so much Marsha. Your poetry has brought this snapshop to life … I see it all as i move along the lines, particularly the awkward thump as the bird lands … the kawk, kawk … sweet hints of Spring … & the bird’s escape beyond the final line … because it does fly off again into the snow-filled sky … because you & I both want it to 🙂

  7. So much drawn from the painting . . . and even more given back to it. So this is ekphrasis. I am learning . . . and from one gives so fine an example.

    This is a cool piece come of a fine collaboration, the painter and the one whose imagination he stoked.

    I can’t imagine you could have done it any better.


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