She trips lightly
leaping gaps
between tectonic plates;
obsidian eyes
glitter uneasily, swimming
in murky streams,
half remembered fragments
sutured into stories;
beginnings, middles, ends
float just beneath surface,
spinning memories
into sticky threads
knotted from mouth to ear,
whispering to her,
‘you have no place in reality’.


OpenLinkNight dVerse Poets


20 thoughts on “Gaps

  1. Solid projection of alienation, of reality distorted rather than the “she” making her not fit in–I actually was seeing a dolphin, some sea-creature in a mangled and polluted ocean, or undersea shifting in earthquake, simultaneous with the human voice. Vivid and terse, well-written poem, marousia.

  2. You had me at tectonic plates. Always nervous about them.. Very creepy poem. “No place in reality.. Why? Is this someone who has lost her memory, her place in society? Chills reading this. Very effective! brr!

  3. It is the poet, the sustaining member of ‘reality.’

    I have known these struggles. Writing does not ease them but comes to terms with them.

    I like this piece very much.

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