Purple Abandon

Words wanted to see
what they could become
on other tongues,
a desire to startle
avoiding the obvious, simply
sprinkling polysyllabic sounds,
classical allusions
with purple abandon
and adjectives
to roll in the mouth;
not blue, azure,
not green,verdant,
not brown but cinnamon,
and how many words
for yellow?

A muse flies away,
just out of reach
a mosquito
buzzes in
blades of grass.

Read here by Abi

For dVerse

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 7

24 thoughts on “Purple Abandon

  1. Brian’s comment gives me a clue as to what you’re about – I was thrown off by the idea of words wanting. For me the mosquito works just fine as muse, although the sting is an unfortunate side-effect.

  2. I said them all, all the words, never once stepping on my tongue, rather two-step dancing around it.

    I did not know it could be done. Thank you for showing me.


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  4. Just love this poem, dripping with delicious colours.

    The muse may be out of reach, but muses like to dangle bits of inspiration to keep us from forgetting them. They leave little trails of crumbs too. You just have to know where to look. I think you followed the trail for this one.

    By the way, hope you don’t mind but I took inspiration from this for a micropoem, posted on my blog. I quoted your opening lines, so if you aren’t happy with the way I linked it or credited it to you, please let me know.

  5. Really like the tumble of words, showing very clearly what they want here, and you’ve given it to them, and to us. That mosquito itch is annoying, but I’ll take it over silence any day.

  6. Who needs a muse, Marousia? You are your own muse, and you don’t have to worry about it flying away, out of reach, of the job, sulking…LOL!

    This is a lovely, delicate poem, that throws me (gently) into a transcendant state of mind.

    A real treat to read today. Almost otherworldly.

    Lady Nyo

  7. what’s not to LOVE about this poem!? let me not count the ways.

    (that’s jannie speak for “i loved this!!)

    please excuse all small letters. eating cheezie puffs with my left hand typing with right at library.

    but back to your brilliance of flowing purple abandon and what yellow had for breakfast…

    a treat of words from start to finish!

  8. I prefer them all in light blue
    Against a shadowy background
    Speaking their foggy shades
    Against night’s dodgy dreams
    Do you hear them whispering too

    And what have they become
    These mind’s eye mosquitoes
    What meaning do they carry
    What colors have they shed
    What says the muse so shy

    Speak up you say
    Roll them around your tongue
    Out and out they arrive
    Limber of limb outspoken
    Even from a dead men’s eyes

    Still I trust them not
    They speak of truth in lies
    Gathering jealous books
    Tattering cities in their pride
    That demon spawn that snares our cries

    I Trust not their bloody muse
    With her lustful eyes of sin
    Reading my blood and veins
    She twists and scampers freely
    And would have my broken sighs

    I’ve been over this bridge before
    Seen Lethe’s water passing by
    Many times these words are spoken
    So many times have they arrived
    As we lonely walked the path of graves


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