Slip Alley XXXI

Thi runs the shower,
soaps herself luxuriously,
Jack is moving, showing signs
of waking after sleeping
drugged for three days …
a few moments more of quiet
until the curtain rises.

Isamu’s cat sits on his human’s lap,
mutters encouragement
as Isamu strokes his ears.

Thi pours two coffees,
black and thick,
stirs in sugar syrup,
hands a cup to Jack
and smiles sweetly…

Isamu’s yellow cat
sniffs the incense stick
glowing in the twilight,
bats three coins onto the floor,
Isamu picks them up and grins,
“Purrrrfect, I’ll order soft shell
crab for your supper.
The yellow cat sits,
curling his tail
around his feet
to wait for room service
as Isamu dresses for dinner.
It will be a champagne night.

Thi takes Jack by the hand
as they walk down the stairs,
she asks most solicitously,
“Did you like the cruise
to the old pirate haunts
on Halong Bay? I liked his story
about how they would confuse
the enemies in the American War.”
Thi yawns theatrically,
and whispers in Jack’s ear,
“you wore me out on the beach, big boy.”
Jack grins at the planted memory,
“It was paradise out there,
you deserve the best French champagne
tonight, you know,
I might even take you
back with me,”
softly squeezing Thi’s hand.

Thi looks deep into Jack’s eyes,
the deception is complete,
he believes he was out all day.

4 thoughts on “Slip Alley XXXI

  1. Lucky cat! Soft shell crabs for dinner! “You wore me out on the beach, big boy” hahahahahaahahahaha! and the hook of a first stanza…! Thought we were in for a little porn.. you tease you! More…I say more!!

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