An exclamation mark
between her eyebrows,
she asks him a question.

Gaslights sputter,
then glow brightly,
the room smells of rat.

She takes his rook with a look,
he caws like a self righteous bishop
in love with his mitre and robes.

He never cheats,
the gaslights dip.

A gold locket
floats in her palm,
she sees scales,
the gaslights go out.



2 thoughts on “Gaslights

  1. Intriguing! As ever, each stanza has something to tell us, leads us forward. A lovely tempo in this poem too … with a brief breathing space in all the right places. ‘She sees scales’ … this line intrigues me most: ambiguous &, therefore, loaded with mystery & potential. ‘The gaslights go out.’ Wonderful end-line that leaves me feeling that something has changed forever. You are a natural born poet Marousia 🙂

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