Winter Sunrays

They skulk in your shadow
on shoes covered in felt
so as not to make a single sound –

waiting –

for a crack in the pavement –

you trip – a slight twinge
dissipates –

you look up –

the sun slants the clouds,
it’s raining somewhere in the west …

but now the sun shines,
people hug walls,
hints of spring
seep from the luke warm radiance
left by the decay of winter sunrays –

you smile inwardly,
the skulkers have gone

until next time.


12 thoughts on “Winter Sunrays

  1. Interesting! I felt a huge sense of relief surface … like a massive sigh … in this poem … & it immediately reminded me of the Emily Dickinson poem ‘A certain slant of light’. Yes, like it!

  2. The one constant in our lives….change…and change in seasons….described so well…and hooked with that first stanza…Yes, I like it 🙂 xo

  3. It reminds me of that Virginia Woolf quote of a little strip of pavement over the abyss. So you too see those skulkers in the shadow and when they go, the only go until next time.

  4. I like this. Unfortunately, it seems skulkers always find a way of reappearing; but, on the other hand, as your poem expresses, thankfully they also leave!

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