Messy Red – revised


I wear red to face the day,
come on, root chakra,
kick in! Give me strength!


How many shades, I wonder,
in the spectrum,
of opaque, translucent, variegated
openings of red?


Red courses through my legs
straight to my heart.


Strawberry gleam
in a crystal dish,
a woman pouts
as a man pours on
thick cream.


Red patent shoes
with red soles
sullied with mud,
she dips her handkerchief
in a puddle
and sits on the pavement
to clean them.


Red candy
swirls in a lollipop,
a little girl skips
on a grey winter’s day.


Red woollen coats
somehow feel warmer
than navy blue.


A man and a woman
walk arm in arm in the wind,
her crimson scarf
caresses his cheek,
their eyes look ahead,


Red inflections floating
on a sunny day,
eyes shut enthralled.


I shall carry
a single red carnation
so that you know me.


A new lipstick
in a shiny black case,
red courage, of course.


Red lip prints
on random shop windows
tell secrets
to those
who follow…


I become glorious red
in all its messy shades.

Each stanza is less than 140 characters – I have followed Sam’s suggestion and extended this into a 13 part poem following Wallace Stevens “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” 


30 thoughts on “Messy Red – revised

  1. How effortlessly you “capture” woman here – spirit, color, life, soul, blood, energy – all so fabulously well done. I wish I’d written it too! But so glad you did. A personal favorite.

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