A flame flutters
as a hand passes,
forefinger and thumb
hold a universe,
red glows through eyelids,
the edges of the circle
now etched in crimson,
she catches words
floating with dusty motes,
and carefully
places them
in a jewel encrusted case
beside photographs
of ghosts …

A red shoe
lying on its side
protests and casts
a wondrous shadow
of another universe …

13 thoughts on “Universes

  1. This poem made me shiver with its otherness … I felt to be caught in the in-between as I read it, even striding from first stanza to second stanza. Such an intriguing liminal space drifting in & out of your words … full of echoes & pieces of life from several different realities. Love it! 🙂

  2. While this piece is somewhat other-wordly, for some reason when reading this, I was pleasantly reminded of the Seuss story “Horton Hears a Who,” where a whole universe is discovered on a speck of dust. Interesting concept, these alternate universes. Very nicely captured.

  3. “she catches words floating wiith dusty motes, and carefully places them,in a jewel encrusted case…..” lovely…one of many lines to remember in this little universe…

  4. there is such a nice mixture between concrete (red behind eyelids) and dreamy… and the protest of the red shoe… I really wonder which is the other universe… is this universe the other or the other on this.. a duality in this that doesn’t leave my thoughts easily…

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