Chartreuse Glow

A chartreuse glow in a disused store,
crystalline shards of torchlight
caught on dust motes make
cubist ghosts; silent witnesses
filter the remnants of a scene.

He was tied to a chair,
two men blew smoke rings
as a flyspecked light bulb
swayed to the rumba strains
of a thirsty wind, he hoped
he’d have the courage to evade
the questions, the inevitable
probing of his marrow,
palpating a point of penetration,
offering salvation through betrayal …
A Mesphisto bargain, tell us all,
and we shall set you free,

tell us all, knowledge shall be yours,
tell us all, we shan’t harm you…

whispers in his ears

and then the blindfold
and a single shot.

He slumped, thudding
to the concrete floor,
the chartreuse glow
gleamed redly
spreading in a slick.


8 thoughts on “Chartreuse Glow

  1. More noir…and I love it! Like much the phrase “thirsty wind” …always attracted to chartreuse…don’t like the color…but wonderful in poetry and what you do here with it is quite wonderful.. Signature @marousia!

  2. nice…your descriptions are top notch marousia….the cubism in the first stanza is an inspired touch….the probing of the marrow…the spreading slick in the end…really well played and visual…

  3. The first stanza here really grabs me,
    such strong images …
    then things go from visual imagery
    to a fascinating narration
    asking deep questions
    without easy answers,
    a grim finale.

    I love the first stanza.

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