An Exhalation

And so …  an exhalation,
almost a sigh, a silent sigh,
anticipated moments pass,
a mic stands in the centre
of the theatre in the round,
an invitation to exhale, express
words with air,
to splash words onto a screen
with fingers
into a stream with bodies here,
some bodies over there, somewhere,
seen, read out loud, performed by other
tongues and teeth, silently consumed
like little quail eggs rolling
in your mouth,
and yet
a question still remains,
a lingering afterthought,
what is the collective noun
for poets, after all?



16 thoughts on “An Exhalation

  1. You seem to’ve painted a picture of Thursday’s get-together and done it in your own inimitable style, Marsha.

    Collective noun for poets? Chose from: gaggle / flock / charm / simile / metaphor / irony / subtlety / rhyme / iamb / obscurity / school / herd / group / family / committee / class / crew / merger …

  2. the collective noun…maybe we don’t need one, you know…just let em run free and find their perfect way to express what they wanna share..smiles…very cool.. i love poetry slams…so different to written poetry and both have their strength and weaknesses

  3. Oh! you are so brave! I would freeze up!

    Quail eggs in the mouth. LOL!…rather like marbles?

    A lovely, evocative piece, Marousia. You have a ‘you are there’ pov.

    Lady Nyo

  4. Officially it is a ‘bevy’ of quail, so that maybe the one for poets, if you insist on rolling quail eggs round your mouth 🙂
    Boiled I hope.

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