Drawing Flight

The first thing
I can remember drawing
was a bird, I wondered why
aeroplanes didn’t flap their wings …

I wanted to fly vast distances
sniffing out the rising air
just to remain aloft;
to look back to the ground
that grounds us all…

Hold my hand,
let’s step into the sky
all senses moving into one,
on frosty mornings
glide among the breathy clouds,
on summer evenings soar
the balmy eddies flowing off
rendered concrete walls …

Let’s fly
without climbing
into the belly
of a machine.

12 thoughts on “Drawing Flight

  1. You have your own creative wings…that carry you and your readers aloft…Love this…I’ll fly w. you any time!

  2. Oh, how your words lend us wings & make us fly!!!! Starting with simple sense of wonder “….I wondered why/ aeroplanes didn’t flap their wings …” & the unresolved puzzle “to look back to the ground/ that grounds us all…” & all accomplished with a simple invite “Hold my hand,/ let’s step into the sky/ all senses moving into one,” and what an achievement “Let’s fly/ without climbing/ into the belly/ of a machine.” Airborne!!! Us all. Beautiful indeed.

  3. I love the beginning and wondering about airplanes. And I love the last line, though I really love to fly inside the belly of machine. It’s so amazing to me. Great writing.

  4. I love this! It’s a longing I think many of us share, which you have expressed beautifully.

  5. Beautifully done, from when you place us back to childhood, when all things were mysteries so anything was possible (airplanes flapping their wings, even) to the eternal hope for magic and freedom that some of us never lose. The close, “Let’s fly/ without climbing/ into the belly/ of a machine” is full of such hope. Very well done.

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