A Red Kerchief

a red kerchief
waves from a tired
anchor chain

sunlight paints
weary warehouse walls
cameos of leaves and butterflies

jagged glass
glints in a puddle
edged with green

on silvered wood
he sits dangling
a slender line

iridescent dragonflies
dart apaches above
a senna river

the line dips low
the red kerchief

another supper caught


Open Link Night ~ Week 79


13 thoughts on “A Red Kerchief

  1. Fantastic moment completely envisioned. Superb in it’s brevity…just enough imagery to tease our own similar moments to recollection…only problem…I cry once the hook is set 😉 Yes…I’m that weepy!

  2. Brian’s right, Marousia….the imagery is superb. I was caught in surprise by that last line.

    Marvelous poem. Brava.

    Lady Nyo

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