Dreaming of the Stars

Clouds creep across
night sky, the year wanes,
night creatures rustle
in the coal black shadows,
the sea etched with molten
silver murmurs sonnets
to the stars above,
seagulls huddle on wet sand,
sleeping, sleighs and Santas
made of lights cycle
through the spectrum
on the esplanade as all
prepare for New Year’s Eve;
a full bellied rat scuttles off
down a grate in the gutter,
possums cross the wires;
the lovers and the lonely
walk the streets
dreaming of the stars.


9 thoughts on “Dreaming of the Stars

  1. Lovely ‘end-of-the-year’ poem full of light/dark interactions as the haves & the have-nots look up from the same gutter … but only the former see the stars 🙂 (apologies to Oscar Wilde)

  2. Beautiful – you bring me joy

    Best Wishes, Robin

    Robin Maria Pedrero

    facebook robinmariapedrero youtubesmal twitter robin pedrero blogger_logo

    Robin Maria Pedrero

    P.O. Box 531023

    Orlando, FL. 32853 USA


    Website: http://www.gallery523.com

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