Kyrie Elesion,
Kyra, my sister,
twenty-nine years ago,
just before Christmas, in 1983
I last saw your face,
hugged you close,
I had a new life
snuggled within my womb
and a beautiful son
at my side;
you’d set us all adrift
wondering how a mother
could leave her two bairns
for a grifter;
I cared for your children as best
I could… praying for your
for you to come back.

I am your elder now,
the eleven years reversed
several solstices ago,
each year I am haunted,
I was in the shower,
Boxing Day, your children
had survived Christmas Day,
I invoked the light,
we all gathered them close
pouring light into the gap of you,
then an unexpected knock,
it’s always the unexpected knock
I fear the most, and then your
ex-husband spoke, “Kyra is dead”,
dark words misted
a sunlight morn, you’d taken
an overdose of your lover’s
heart medication, then a long trip
to my in-laws to leave my sweet son
for a while and with hearts beyond heavy
we told my mother her first born
daughter was gone forever…

Kyrie Elesion, Kyra
my sister, may you find peace…


13 thoughts on “Kyra

  1. there will be everlasting light in her eyes, as will be in yours – after reading the beautiful poem for your sister I now burn a candle to spread the love of light – give you warmth and comfort, sweet Marsha

  2. M, I shall ask no questions, but I should say this is so clearly revealing, very raw, very brave. A story that has not only a feeling of love, but also a deep sense of betrayal. Isn’t this the occasional story of family! I believe there will be many, who read this poem, for whom there is a familiar resonance here. And what a fine touch with the title lines, which hold a bitter sweet irony, carrying as they do the classic Greek cant… Lord have mercy on us! Well written, Marsha.

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