A Portrait of Patience

Patience follows
smoke whorls of incense,
twisting, turning, riding
the air, its cylindrical heart
glows orange,
silver ash falls in a whisper;
she chooses words
with great care to
stoke the fire of life,
the smoke dispels
a sticky atmosphere
with spirals doubling,
folding in curves,
embracing life;
Patience smiles
as the curtain waves
to the setting sun.


22 thoughts on “A Portrait of Patience

  1. At first, I’m a little choked with the smoke spiraling,the incense…but patience wins the daywith a struggle..stoking the fires of life …an inspirational piece, M!

  2. Beautiful portrait of patience ~ waiting in drifts of smoke as the cloying frustrations of life hang around in ‘a sticky atmosphere’. Keats described such patience as good as anyone has with his term ‘negative capability’ … you have painted it so richly with your colourful & curvaceous words ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Inspired!

    Don’t you find, sometimes, that it’s a single word or phrase, which can be the trigger for the composition of a whole poem. I particularly love the line: “silver ash falls in a whisper”. But it’s the closing lines that impress me most: “..the curtain waves to the setting sun”.

  4. Lovely portrait of “Patience”. Each word has conveyed perfectly facets of “Patience”. Really well conveyed in : “Patience smiles/ as the curtain waves/ to the setting sun.” Wonderful read indeed!!!

  5. You write like an artist – poet. Your images are balanced so perfectly in your presentations. And having been raised in many such scenes, I relate to the image gaining focus on life in the swirl of (whatever the word is I cannot find) demonstration maybe? But I loved this very much.

  6. I have spent the best part of the last 7 years trying to teach my hyperactive 16 y/o girl…patience and have told her, I will probably still be trying to teach her it on my death bed…lol
    Beautiful poetry.

  7. “Whorls of incense”, “cylindrical heart” – these are some of the singular images in this poem, an ode, as it were, to patience.

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