A Sketch

With brash bravura
she puts on her Asian face,
and spruiks her authenticity,
her home a tiny island
with a bustling city,
her face shows traces
of curious seafarers, Portugese
who sailed east and south
and east beyond the rim,
they did not fall,her heart
bleeds dreams of red and gold,
untold riches found
in shopping malls …

She speaks only English,
with clipped end consonants,
her ancestral tongues
are silenced with her full

acquiescence …

and she searches for
her identity in cinema
and sitcoms.

9 thoughts on “A Sketch

  1. Wow…a lost soul…and how often so many of us have searched for identities thru cinema, novels..music, art, et al.. This is quietly powerful! A great write!

  2. You’ve made this girl so very real, M. With her identities and wants. Yet part of me does not feel as sad as I should at the silenced ancestral tongues… Maybe because my own identity was partially forged in a foreign Hollywood and an English national tv. I really enjoyed this, Brian.

  3. Gripping poem; wonderful final stanza … a subaltern in search of self, which leaves me feeling ambivalent: sad at what she has had ‘taken away’ from her yet not without hope as she struggles to understand her hybridity. And it is the power of your writing, Marsha, that triggers those feelings within me ~ splendid write.

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