unbound horizons
free of human noise

conversations stop
in still air


punctuated by


somewhere in the Pilbara
a lizard lurks

I hear my heartbeat
and the air

my throat

Today the challenge is to explore silence
at New World Creative Union’s
Wednesday Wake-Up Call

Open Link Night ~ Week 69

14 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I think you’ve met the challenge of the prompt well. I’ve just spent most of a day in the woods alone, and each of your phrases resonates so well. There is so much in silence to be explored…Nice job.

  2. i hear the heartbeat…and the air touching my throat….nice closure marousia….true silence, if achieved can be such a scary thing when we hear the minute….for me it came below the earth in a cave and cutting off the flashlight as well into total dark….whew….ha…

  3. Wonderful poem of a moment when silence prevails &, inside that space, a memory surfaces from the soul & lives again ~ I love it! And the beautiful watercolour touches my throat too with its rich, hot colours 🙂

  4. The water color sets this piece off making me want to go there
    then your words fill in those gaps that making me want to hear, see, feel these unbound horizons

  5. One can see the silence in the painting … the tranquility is seen. The ochres, like the footsteps evoke something powerful that is pumped, that is life. Beautiful, Marsha. 🙂

  6. Fantastic!!! Love this moment you’ve gifted me this morning…and so excited for you and your release! Congratulations on Spinning…looking forward to seeing it on my shelves 🙂


    In which no foot
    Just a pearl
    Made of quiet breeze
    And light

    In which no sound
    Only a tiger
    Eyes slightly open
    On the void

    A hole so dark
    That only a breath can stand
    In these arms of nowhere
    In which forever lives

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