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Shadows gather,
streets lights play the blues,
a couple sits in silence,
she twirls a swizzle stick,
he flicks his fringe,
an impatient stallion
hides behind his deadpan eyes.

Across the way, he watches
as lights go on and
blinds are drawn,
one window stays open
to the eyes of the night,
“someone will cry tonight,”
he thinks…

He lights a candle,
and puts on music,
something smooth
to quell his racing pulse,
“ack hem, I’ll put the
camera on a tripod,
with zoom, we’ll catch
it all, once they enter,
we shall strike.”

She calls room service,
they’ll need sustenance
on this long night,
her knives are ready,
“tonight, someone will die,”
she thinks.

They lock their brittle eyes.

Poetics: Through the Artist’s Lens


21 thoughts on “Befunky

  1. oh dang…this is very nice…some cool intrigue…like a spin off os your story….i like their casualness of it too…another day at the office…smiles…the swizzle stick, the lighting of the candle…both very nice touches…

  2. This is a bit of a mystery… what will happen next? I love the hints of suspense on what’s most certainly far from an ordinary night.

  3. agree with John@ This reminds me a little of film noir. A murder/mystery with James Stewart called ‘The Bedroom Window’ springs to mind, where, because of a broken leg, he’s confined to his bedroom and so sits looking out of it, in doing so, witnesses a murder across the way. This has that ..intrigue, something not so nice feel about it.
    Gripping read.

  4. Wow, that’s just as mysterious as the picture is. I first imagined them break up… and then you added violence. I liked the build-up through repetitions of “someone will cry tonight” and “tonight, someone will die”.

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