Autumn Simply…

NWCU Autumn Kick-Off Event: Freelink 22.09.12-23.09.12

There is a subtle shift in the light and the smell in the air. The nights lengthen. Spectacular sunsets paint the sky. Clouds begin to gather. The Equinox is so perfectly balanced with its promises of beginnings. For me autumn is a time of contemplation – a time to live in the imaginary and to dwell a while in my enchanted garden with all its melancholy blooms. I seek out fat paperbacks to curl up with, in the golden evening light. I remember how I used to gather hazelnuts and filberts from our hedge in another life. I sit and look at family albums, people who are gone now – passed away…

The sunset bounces off a portrait of my grandmother’s grandmother – she was beautiful, young and innocent – at sixteen she was married off. I look out of my window and take a photo of the light.

I think about an enchanted garden where all sentient creatures are happy. Nothing passes in the garden. It simply is…


21 thoughts on “Autumn Simply…

  1. Hi Marsha:

    I’m really enjoying your composition of the written word and Images! An exquisite portrayal of Autumn, and what a view you have out your window, and the wondrous image you took of it. Fascinating and beautiful, and it’s as if I’m really there; seeing it!

    Thanks again for sharing your writing and images!

    Roger πŸ™‚

  2. Oh…goosebumps! I’ve a chair where I perch that gives me a few of the leaves and sky…because I’m on Main Street, I well understand what a blessing this is. It’s where I go with my reading and notebooks…love the play of melancholy that couples with the beautiful sense of serenity that comes forth, and the finish with the photo is fantastic!

  3. I love the poignant amber tones of this lovely prose and haiga. A perfect description of Autumn…and yes a time for contemplation, yet also renewal. Thank you for sharing this beauty!

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