Slip Alley XXVIII

Sveta takes a long sip of tea,
Oolong Red Dragon, stares
at the screen, fixes a typo,
thinks of a name for
the taxi driver’s father
and continues…

“How so?” Ollie furrows his bow.
Greta leans forward, cleavage glistening,
says to Duc (the taxi driver’s father),
“He doesn’t know the rules.”

Ollie scratches Duc’s cat
under its chin,
“What rules, am I a mind reader now?
I am hunting a perp with red hair
and snake tattoos,
a murderer after you,
you said he’s here
in Hanoi…”

Duc grins,  tosses three I Ching coins,
three heads six times,
“most unusual,” he says. “Definitely
a journey across the water.”

“My friends tell me, someone
broke the rules, killed for pleasure…”

Greta winces, “I saw him
on a passing train, he is

Ollie’s phone chirps,
his woman offsider is
in Hanoi in secret,
staying at a boutique hotel…
she has texted saying
she just met a fascinating Japanese man
at the Temple of Literature,
he gave his name as Isamu,
she is meeting him for lunch.

Ollie arranges to meet his offsider
for dinner,
puts his phone away,
returns his attention to Duc
and Greta’s conversation. Seems
the net round red headed snake man
is well in place. Duc toasts him
with a beer and puts on a tape
with old revolutionary songs.

“This is my lucky day,”  Ollie thought.

6 thoughts on “Slip Alley XXVIII

  1. Now this is a new twist…or did I miss something. Sveta, the writer? And so Duc is a Russian expat? I like him already cuz he has a cat…So now we gonna have sushi lunch w. udo noodles? This is an itchy tease. Again! Next chapter!

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