Slip Alley XXVI

Sveta walks up her stairs
opens the door to her apartment,
her laptop sits waiting
yearning for her touch…


Ollie checks Greta’s bag carefully,
opens inner pockets, searching.

Greta flushes, trying hard
to think of a cover story,
Ollie unzips her makeup bag,
stops to rub his left eyebrow,
Blue cat sits purring loudly
next to Ollie.

Ollie, opens the lipstick case
it feels stiff, he tries to replace the lid
and encounters resistance.
With his index finger, he prods
out falls a tube of paper.
he carefully unrolls it, and reads
“The tattooed man with snakes
and celtic sleeves has earned
$10,000. He is stuck in a honey pot.
It’s time for you to come and play.”

Ollie reads and looks to Greta
for an explanation. She swallows
and begins to speak.
“He has flown to Hanoi,
he’ll be lured to Cat Ba.”

Ollie clears his throat,
“So what about
the baby Glock you pulled?”

Greta laughs relieved,
“My deception worked,
you searched my bag,
you found the note,
telling you was against the rules.
I am still in mortal danger,
I can’t say anymore than that,
let’s go together to Cat Ba.”


4 thoughts on “Slip Alley XXVI

  1. Wonderful touch…Cat Ba 🙂 …also like “her laptop sits waiting, yearning for her touch” Absolutely itching now for next instalment!

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