Slip Alley XXV

Eric lies nude
on the kingsize bed
his room, of course,
his wrists are tied with silk rope
to the bed head,
the snake tattoos around his neck
slide down his chest,
around his navel one bites its tail,
the secret worm called Ouroboros.

On a large screen TV
a threesome writhe,
Eric watches avidly,
thinking about how he
will kill his next mark
in the game for ten thousand.
It’s a pity she’s so pretty,
he could drown in her dark
eyes, and she seems to sense
his taste for silk and rubber
but the game is on, the whore
is just a whore… he will
play with her for a few days
before he breaks that slender neck.

Phong is in the bathroom
wearing thin latex gloves
and a silk kimono,
she holds a vial
‘just one drop,
or he’ll oversleep’,
were the instructions
from Isamu, ‘get him on
the bus and bring him to Cat Ba.
We’ll take it from there.’
She hides the vial
in her ruby sleeve.

Eric calls to her,
‘Phong, I am ready.’

Phong swishes in
perches on the bed,
stretches like a languid cat,
‘close your eyes, you’re a bad
warrior, you must be punished.’

Eric shuts his eyes,
his body taut with anticipation,
he feels her gloved fingers
trace his snakes,
his lips, a wet drop
on his tongue,
he sighs with longing
and falls into a dark haze.

Phong unties his hands,
sits crossed legged on the floor,
flips the channels to a romcom movie;
it will be a long
night, she can’t afford to sleep,
she orders coffee from room service
and a chicken salad.
In the morning, she will
get him on the bus with promises
decadent delights, she shudders.


Sveta sips her merlot,
smiles inwardly,
the strings are gathering

Outside the full moon
breaks through the clouds,
makes a stairway
on the wet cobblestones.

Sveta slips on a raincoat
and heads to her favourite bar
for a rendezvous with her editor…

For the rest of this noir serial please follow the Slip Alley tag.


3 thoughts on “Slip Alley XXV

  1. This is one busy chapter! Love the tatoo snake biting its own tale. hahaahahahaha! Getting more and more sensuous and teasing…This one is a little like watching the intro to a well made porn film. Did I just say that? No really, well constructed, teasing, leaving the reader panting a little, eyeballs protruding as far as possible w/out popping. I need a whisky w. a brandy chaser…Cant wait for xvi! Whoa!

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