Slip Alley XXIV

Phong looks in the mirror,
carefully smooths
on a creamy foundation,
edges her eyes
with smudgy kohl,
dusts on blush.

Her mark sits in the bar
at the next table
waiting for his Manhattan,
Phong slips him a demure
smile hooded through her long
mascaraed eyelashes
as she studies the drinks menu.

She keeps her breaths short and uneven
knowing that this will appeal
to the perp marked by Isamu and Thi.
Her trap has been set
with narcotic honey,
a promise of dark pneumatic bliss.

His faded brown eyes
glow with a stirring of blood,
he strokes the red stubble
on his cleft chin, imagining
the feel of her slim golden body
and the tumble of her thick black hair
on his marble white skin.
He imagines winding her hair
around her neck, tighter and tighter…
and tighter…

He clears his smoky throat,
“Do you come here often,
foxy lady?”
Phong meets his eyes
and blushes
“Can I buy you a drink?”
he asks, hoping.

For the rest of this noir novella serial written in verse, please follow the Slip Alley tag

Meeting the Bar–Writing Characters


16 thoughts on “Slip Alley XXIV

  1. A slow build-up of the loneliness within 2 persons about to start a relationship or is it the makings of a hustler with dark intentions! You’ve heightened the mystery. Nicely written marousia!


  2. You are one helluva tease! That black hair…his white skin…oooooffffff! Egads, woman…leaving us there…Yikes! On the edge waiting for that next chapter…get it on!!

  3. “He imagines winding her hair
    around her neck, tighter and tighter…
    and tighter…”

    Oh creepy stuff – methinks she will be the victim too…

    Excellent write.

    Anna :o]

  4. Dang…you had to cut it off there?! I have a feeling where this is going but will have to come back and satisfy my curiosity after I finish comments on dVerse. You’ve very skillfully used your character to entice the reader.

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